Share to Choose: online shopping becomes social with Whichit

Share to Choose: online shopping becomes social with Whichit

by Innovation Warehouse, 11 July 2014

Everyday we witness the launch of apps that bring merchandise to our smartphones. But what fun is shopping when you do it alone? And then there are plenty of people who face the dilemma of not being able to pick one thing over another, wasting an unnecessary amount of time agonizing over their choices.

Officially launched on the 9th JulyWhichit is a brand new app that recognises the need of an interactive user based app which can allow the customer to confer with others as you shop till you drop. Whichit also brings together the two major modules of the market. Traders and customers can now interact in a single platform. The brand slogan Share to Choose, quite literally, says it all when it comes to explaining what Whichit actually is all about.

The app allows users to take up to 4 pictures from their camera, online link, gallery, Instagram, upload them as a Whichit post and share them with the Whichit community, on social networks or with just a selected group of friends. Users not only get instant feedback through the cool and easy-to-use icons, votes and comments,but also special offers and discount coupons.

The social platform is the ultimate marketing tool for brands and business management. Businesses can leverage their ads without advertising, focus on the right target audience, and  increase and strengthen their customer-business connection by identifying the trends and customer preferences.

Joanthan Gan, Founder and CEO, says “in a $30B social commerce market with only 2-5% conversion rate and while 90% of all purchases are subject to social influent, we created an innovative marketing tool, a real time solution for marketeers, decreasing customer acquisition costs, increasing retention rates and generating sales leads.”

You can download the App on Google Play and AppStore.


About Whichit

Whichit is an Israeli startup who won the UK Trade & Investment competition for high growth startup and todays based in the UK. They are also taking part in the Sirius Programme for young entrepreneurs, of which theAccelerator Academy, one of the Top 10 accelerators in the UK, is a core part.