Unforgettable – We’ll Never Forget You…

Unforgettable – We’ll Never Forget You…

by Mark Selby, 27 June 2019

Sometimes, the briefest of encounters are the most memorable.

Unforgettable is a pioneering B Corp* social business whose short tenure at Innovation Warehouse left an indelible mark on the coworking ecosystem. Connected through the AgeTech Hub in collaboration with Aging 2.0, Unforgettable is a marketplace for dementia and memory loss products on a firm upward trajectory – underscored by its recent acquisition by Live Better With.

Unforgettable was established on four pillars – Content, Community, Product and Services – starting its life as a destination for anyone affected by Dementia, but evolving organically through community collaboration to eventually develop its own unique product for the dementia community.

The business was set up by founder James Ashwell while caring for his mother, who was suffering from early-onset dementia. He found he was learning “at the point of crisis” and that the support information available, although plentiful, was difficult and time-consuming to absorb, and that suitable products were hard to find.

“Unforgettable originally launched with a vision to improve the lives of everyone affected by dementia by running a platform that would pull all these strands together,” says CFO Caroline Tulloch.

“Our content strategy was to provide the advice and information that people needed in one place, written in a clear, easy-to-absorb style. We’ve written over 1,000 articles and blog posts that cover every aspect of dementia and the journey involved – all free at the point of use.

“We’ve had 5 million visitors to our website since we launched, accessing that information for free. We were set up as a business with a social purpose, to improve the lives of everyone affected by dementia, and part of that involves being as inclusive, accessible and affordable as possible. So content is a huge part of what helps create our brand and reach.”

Breaking taboos

Unforgettable’s community provides an online place where people can come together to share stories, resources and help from others going through similar challenges. “There has traditionally been quite a taboo surrounding dementia and that’s starting to change, but certainly people often don’t feel like sharing when they have a family member with dementia,” says Tulloch.

Unforgettable set up a marketplace to complement its content, curating the best products to help people with dementia. Although there was a wide range of products available, there was very low awareness of them. The team conducted a survey, which found that 93% of people didn’t know there were products available to help with dementia, identified a gap and soon developed their own bestsellers.

“We launched a product in late 2018, which is a mixture of a radio and a music player, that has a very simple tumbling dial mechanism. Using day-to-day items becomes more difficult for dementia sufferers over time, especially digital products with lots of buttons,” says Tulloch.

“We combined existing customer demand with community feedback and insight, working with a specialist radio design company to create the player.”

Sales of own-brand products now account for the majority of the company’s revenue, and it continues to offer a service and community that people are actively searching for online. Unforgettable – a very memorable example of socially responsible innovation. Learn more at: www.unforgettable.org.

*Certified B Corporations or B Corps are businesses that meet a higher standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. They believe business should be a force for good.