Success Stories: #5 Mitoo

Success Stories: #5 Mitoo

by Mark Selby, 27 June 2018

One of Innovation Warehouse’s earliest alumni, and an inspiration to all start-ups looking to be taken seriously by major international investors, Mitoo (formerly known as Bluefields) was established in 2011 by CEO Andrew Crump and CTO Piers Rollinson.

With the help of Innovation Warehouse, which supported Mitoo during its inception with extensive mentorship and support, the company expanded its ranks to 12 people, raised £830,000 in seed funding and opened a new office in Vegas.

Under its original moniker, Bluefields was a communication platform for amateur sports leagues, teams and players that was elevated to international status by a Las Vegas-based fund – setting a precedent for US investor willingness to bet big on small UK companies. The company’s partners were highly established brands in the sporting world – namely Puma, Pepsico and Gatorade.

Founder Crump had been playing football since a young age and understood the difficulty of team management and the difficulty in organising and coordinating people to play.

Mitoo’s model was to engage relevant amateur sports audiences and capture the conversation that surrounds sports teams. The network allowed every player, team, club and league to interact effectively in one place and with ease.

The start-up provided amateur sport teams with a mobile app and desktop site that intelligently and automatically managed the problems of player availability and money collection – while at the same time encouraging players to interact.

Mitoo said they joined Innovation Warehouse because they were aligned with the principles of the founders, and because it provided them with the infrastructure and working space to help launch their company.

The start-up credited Innovation Warehouse for its rapid trajectory in growth, saying that their time in the space gave them access to invaluable mentorship and assistance along with a positive, encouraging atmosphere.

In January 2012 they joined Seedcamp, a London-based venture capital, and launched in March that year. Mitoo’s initial funding was partly facilitated through Innovation Warehouse and angel investors in June 2011. Together they invested £150,000.

This was followed eight months later by €50,000 in investment from Seedcamp. A year later in February 2013, Mitoo announced a public launch of their platform and raised close to $1 million in seed funding.

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