Startup Stories: Rentify

Startup Stories: Rentify

by Mark Selby, 29 November 2018

Of all the industries prone to digital disruption, the property sector has seen some of the most varied attempts to challenge the norm in recent years – from wresting power from the hands of estate agents to providing new platforms for sharing and freeing up real estate.

Former Innovation Warehouse residents Rentify went a step further, guaranteeing rental incomes for landlords – regardless of whether the property had been filled.

In their words, “Rentify simply pays you your rent on time each month” without having to worry about void periods, arrears, and maintenance.

Founded in 2011 by CEO George Spencer, Rentify was rapidly established as a leading software platform for UK landlords, helping them to market, manage and make money from their properties. Currently based in London, Rentify operates nationwide.

The company was based at Innovation Warehouse when first established, as it provided the space and facilities that gave them “the time and room to grow”.

The company’s board of directors included Greg Jackson (Zopa), Simon Guild (WAYN, XING, Spreadshirt, Bigpoint), Tim Bunting (Balderton Capital) and Simon Bullivant (Ashcombe Advisers). Since its launch the company has attracted over 60,000 users and expanded to employ around 30 staff.

Rentify believed the rental property market needed a new direction and, by combining property and technical expertise, the team was able to create one of the UK’s leading online lettings service.

With a monthly payment, Rentify provides support, a property management service and credit and reference-checking services. Their successful management of properties has helped many landlords save time and money.

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