Singapore a model for global Longevity and Agetech industry – Aging Analytics Agency

Singapore a model for global Longevity and Agetech industry – Aging Analytics Agency

by Mark Selby, 20 March 2019

Singapore can be a model for the global Longevity and AgeTech industry, with progress driven by “progressive governmental action plans and social policy proposals” according to the Aging Analytics Agency (AAA).

The AAA’s new open-access report, Longevity Industry in Singapore, covers the history, present state and future of the Longevity industry in the region.

It demonstrates how Singapore has embraced the rising sector of AgeTech to help the country improve quality of life and social engagement for its elderly population. AgeTech technologies, which encompasses any digital technology that aid the elderly, are being rapidly adopted by medical institutions and nursing homes across the nation.

“Much of Singapore’s Longevity-progressiveness stems from its meritocratic governmental structure. As a city-state, the nation is highly adept at efficiently and effectively implementing sweeping industry development and progressive social policy initiatives and reforms. This property makes it an ideal candidate to create a government-driven Longevity Industry national development plan, with potential of becoming a thriving international Longevity biotech hub,” the agency said.

Aging Analytics Agency director Eric Kihlstrom said: “Singapore is among a handful of nations whose governments have taken a proactive and progressive stance to the problems posed by an ageing population. One other such government is the UK, which chose Aging Population as one of its four key industrial grand challenges in 2018.

“Countries such as these are leading the front against one of the most pressing issues (and one of the most promising opportunities) of our time, and one of the foremost threats facing the global economy in the years to come,” he added.

The Aging Analytics Agency report profiles 30 Longevity influencers, 15 R&D centres, 10 non-governmental organisations, 15 Thematic Conferences from 2017 to 2019, 100 companies, and 80 investors in the Singaporean Longevity sphere. Click here to read the full report.

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