Meeting the Longevity challenge

Meeting the Longevity challenge

by Mark Selby, 13 June 2018

As lifespans extend and quality of life improves, our expectations of retirement are greater than ever – providing a growing opportunity for entrepreneurs to dream up life-changing solutions to challenges such as physical disability, illness, dementia and financial exclusion.

The Innovating for Ageing innovation sprint, to be held at London Campus, a Google space, will provide a launchpad for the creation of cutting-edge ideas and solutions to help improve the lives of vulnerable consumers.

As an innovator, you will have the opportunity to pose questions and hear first-hand from experts how you can apply your knowledge and expertise to design solutions to meet longevity challenges.

Innovating for Ageing was launched by the Just Group and Innovation Warehouse partner, the International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK), in January 2018 to identify solutions to issues faced by vulnerable consumers in later life.

The project began by asking a wide range of organisations what challenges the vulnerable people they work with encounter when accessing goods and services. The Advisory Board and expert Judging Panel will identify the most significant problems and present these at the event.

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