Longevity: old news is good news…

Longevity: old news is good news…

by Mark Selby, 18 January 2019

…for investors at least.

With the recent expansion of the UK’s 100,000 Genomes Project to allow 1 million whole genomes to be sequenced by the NHS and UK Biobank in five years, the door has been opened to a new world of investment possibility in services designed to support human longevity.

The UK ambition is for UK citizens to live longer and better as a result of the insights gained from the data. As Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock puts it, “the potential for this type of technology to improve the diagnosis and treatment for patients to help people live longer, healthier lives – a vital part of our long-term plan for the NHS.”

With demand in Agetech assured and the right investment secured, the UK could easily outperform other countries to become a significant leader in the Longevity tech industry. As reported by Innovation Warehouse associate Tina Woods in her recent article for Forbes, consumer DNA testing is paving the way to an unprecedented degree of genetic information.

“Investors may be uninspired by addressing the familiar problems of an aging population, like mobility scooters and care homes, but are excited by the products and services that people will buy to help keep them young,” she says.

“Scientists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists are now re-thinking aging and our assumptions that chronic diseases – like arthritis – are the inevitable by-products of aging. The latest research unlocking the cellular basis of aging shows that we can prevent or slow down chronic diseases.”

And according to research group Deep Knowledge Analytics, the UK could become a global Longevity leader through the integration of biomedicine with financial technology, positioning the Longevity industry “at the convergence of biomedicine and [the] financial industry”.

Innovation Warehouse is excited to hear from companies in Longevity that are applying artificial intelligence to drug discovery or repurposing of drugs. We previously reported how an ageing population and historically low birth rates could place the UK squarely in the path of a “Silver Tsunami”, increasing demand for healthcare and other services and setting the stage for a wave of thriving tech startups.

We want to hear from early-stage technology companies looking to break into this exciting field, including products and services that tap into the ‘Silver Economy’, which includes, among others, independent living, Longevity and Geroscience.

Our angel investors typically offer seed funding in the £150k – £500k range, so get cracking on that all-important pitch and get in touch!

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