Join the AgeTech & Longevity Hub

Join the AgeTech & Longevity Hub

by Mark Selby, 21 March 2018

Statistics show it is likely that half of all children born today can expect to live to 100 years and beyond.

As lifespans extend and quality of life improves, our expectations of retirement are similarly buoyant. Most people take it for granted that they’ll be able to enjoy their retirement years comfortably, independently and in reasonable health. But like your pension fund, this probably shouldn’t be taken for granted either.

Just this month, the UK government announced a multi-million-pound scheme to develop products and services that will allow the elderly to live independently in their own homes for longer – the “healthy ageing programme”.

According to Caroline Dinenage, Minister of State for Care, we must “transform the way we think about our work, our housing, our health our finances and our communities… ensuring everyone can age well and live more independently throughout their lives.”

At Innovation Warehouse, we have established London’s AgeTech and Longevity Hub, providing mentoring support, work space and corporate finance services to early-stage technology companies in this evolving landscape.

We believe that one of the most important fields of innovation and endeavour is the application of innovative technologies to help service the needs of our growing, ageing population as well as to extend healthy lifespans.

Through our partnerships and relationships with organisations such as Aging 2.0, and other academic, commercial and medical bodies, as well as our network of active investors, we are able to assist early-stage businesses in this arena.

We are eager to meet early-stage technology companies with commercial propositions addressing the following opportunities:

  • The Silver Economy – providing services for the ‘wants’ of the older demographic
  • Supporting independent living – addressing the ‘needs’ of the older demographic
  • Longevity – extending lifespans
  • Commercial businesses with an ageing component
  • Geroscience
  • Genomics

AI, the Internet of Things, Data, Robotics, FinTech, E-Commerce, Ageless Design, HealthTech, Wearables – all have a part to play.

Get in touch and become part of the AgeTech and Longevity community at Innovation Warehouse.