Israeli Longevity Industry “reaching critical mass” – Aging Analytics Agency

Israeli Longevity Industry “reaching critical mass” – Aging Analytics Agency

by Mark Selby, 12 April 2019

Israeli government investments in the field of Geroscience are still less than 1% of the national research budget and must increase for Israel to meet the world’s “urgent ageing challenge”, according to a new report by the Aging Analytics Agency (AAA), Israeli Longevity Alliance and Vetek Association.

Israel’s geroscience has matured rapidly, outpacing the rest of the geographical region, with at least one ageing research centre or cluster already present or planned in every university, the AAA points out.

It adds that the importance of the advancement of biomedical R&D for the promotion of healthy longevity and prevention of ageing-related diseases has been increasingly recognised by Israeli decision-makers.

iscussions on the subject were held in the Knesset as part of the preparation of the Israel National Masterplan on Aging. These efforts have been further bolstered by the Israeli government’s proactive approach to forming international research collaborations with other Longevity-oriented countries – such as the Britain Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership (BIRAX) Ageing programme.

But although Israel has made solid initial steps over the past five years, the AAA says additional efforts are needed to continue to maintain and cultivate its existing strengths, including government support of longevity research & development.

It also needs to crystallise its national development strategy and place health-span extension at its centre, akin to UK’s successful decision to list the problem of an ageing population as one of four grand challenges in its industrial strategy.

“While many other Longevity-progressive countries focus their efforts on domestic initiatives, Israel stands out as one putting strong emphasis on international collaboration, building upon its existing reputation as a country with strong academic and industrial ties to other nations, such as the US and Europe,” said Aging Analytics Agency director Eric Kihlstrom.

Click here to read the full AAA report.

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