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and scale-up opportunities

Vetted by the Innovation Warehouse team, we work with early-stage companies with solid, intelligent technical solutions and strong IP.


Discover vetted, early-stage businesses seeking investment

  • Showcase of 40+ high-growth opportunities a year

  • Typical deal sizes range from £150k – £1 million

  • Sector agnostic, always tech – whatever the vertical

Additional specialist activity areas:

  • Sustainability – future-proof opportunities

  • Longevity – improving and extending Healthy Life Spans

What sort of investors are we looking for?

The typical Innovation Warehouse investor is an exited entrepreneur with a strong understanding of how to help startups scale and execute, and/or an individual with deep sector-specific knowledge. Investors are vetted before approval to join our network, which comprises 250-plus active investors, family offices and VCs.

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We support the best digital talent in their post seed-funding journey

Since 2010, Innovation Warehouse has helped over 150 tech startups through different stages of growth. We work with an extensive angel network and a number of accelerators, family offices and early-stage VCs. We are constantly on the lookout for high-quality, ambitious early-stage technology businesses.

  • £35 million funding created for 50 companies in the WISE programme


  • Executable business plan
  • Potential for high growth at scale
  • Must have an MVP (or be further evolved)
  • In revenue (or about to launch in the market)
  • Strong founders and team
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Our Startup Selection Process

Pitch Wednesday

Innovation Warehouse runs a weekly pitching event, every Wednesday at 1 pm.

The startup team makes a quick-fire pitch to the Innovation Warehouse Investment team. This helps us to understand the investment proposition and also gives the startup founder a chance to interact with us.

1-2-1 Deep Dive Meeting

Post Pitch, if our investment team believes the proposition fits our criteria, we’ll have a 1-2-1 meeting with the founders and investigate the proposition with the aim of better understanding the business plan and objectives. According to the stage the startup is at, we might recommend that they go through the WISE Programme to become investment ready.

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A selection of the many high-growth startups invested in by our network: